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November 22, 2011

Anne McCaffrey

Dragonsong cover I was sorry to hear that Anne McCaffrey died today. I was about twelve or thirteen when I read Dragonsong. It must have been one my first forays into speculative fiction; I remember the strange words—“sevenday,” “blackstone”—and the foreignness of the names of the characters and places. I struggled to understand the mysterious Thread, but I didn’t have any trouble imagining the dragons. Giant, gentle, flying, talking animals don’t need much explanation.

In the years after I read Dragonsong, I read almost all of the other Dragonriders books, as well as a selection of her other books. Her characters were thoroughly imagined and their relationships had depth and richness. She wrote some very realistic female characters—some of them downright villains. Villains aside, the people in her books weren’t threatened by mystical forces of evil, they were threatened by natural forces, and by their own inability to work together to solve their problems. They were saved by personal courage and sacrifice.

I still have a selection of my favourite Dragonriders books on the shelf, including the lovely edition of Dragonsong shown here. I still find them tremendously satisfying stories and they are among my favourite comfort reading. Thank you, Anne McCaffrey.

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