Eva van Emden, Freelance Editor

Certified Copy Editor and Proofreader


March 23, 2020


ip handbook best practices
fair samples for testing editors
checklist for proofreading web pages check CMOS and Butcher's
url shorteners (and Google Docs urls) tinyurl never expires https://bitly.com/a/help#i_1_0 bitly never expires goo.gl also doesn't expire http://support.google.com/websearch/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=190768

Editing on PDFs 
Using markup tool, balloons, stamps. Pros and cons.

Show all comments tool.

How to compare documents.

How to export text and compare to original doc.

Client red flags: When freelancers say "I'm quite busy right now" sometimes they mean "Your inquiry contained three client red flags in the first paragraph alone." Advertising widely as a freelance editor means that you get responses from a wide range of potential clients. And some will be easier to work with than others. Sometimes you send an inquiry to a freelance editor and the answer comes back . . . sort of lukewarm. The editor asks for more information. She mentions that she'll need a deposit before starting work. She mentions that she'll need the deposit in hand before starting work. What's with that? Isn't she excited about your project? Asks for a proofread; needs a substantive edit. Author's name doesn't match email address. Author's name is unusual and looks made up. Googling email address turns up funny stuff. And bonus red flags Suggests my science fiction experience will come in handy when reading his new theory of economics.

Fact checking tools
- Measure distance with Google Maps by right-clicking

Indexing workshop
Proofreading course
Basic copy editing course
Editing children's fiction
book review: style: lessons in

managing text for software applications -
Joel for unicode
translation issues - space
placing strings in a string resource file
some common errors

using stamps in adobe: See Copyediting-L/ResourcesRed stamps (black is also available)Search for a stamps directory; unzip; check permissions Client red flags (link to https://blog.freelancersunion.org/2016/04/29/how-to-make-sure-you-dont-end-up-with-a-client-from-hell/)

covid https://www.canada.ca/en/department-finance/news/2020/03/canadas-covid-19-economic-response-plan-support-for-canadians-and-businesses.html#Extension_of_Deadline

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