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June 23, 2010

How to configure your Blogger blog to point to your own domain on Dreamhost

I’m using Blogger for this editing blog because it’s about the easiest thing ever, but I wanted to change the domain from “severely-limited-choice.blogspot.com” to “any-name-I-want.vanemden.com.”

The Blogger site had some good documentation, but nothing specific for Dreamhost users, and although Dreamhost has some fantastic help on their site, I didn’t find any help for this right away. I thought I’d just jot down what I did in case it helps anyone else.

On the Dreamhost end

  1. Go to dreamhost.com and click on “Customer Login” in the top right-hand corner of the page. Log in.
  2. You’re now in your settings page. Click on “Manage Domains” in the “Toolbox” section of the page.
  3. Click on the “DNS” link below the domain that you want your blog to appear as a subdomain of: e.g., to set up my blog at “blog.mydomain.com” I click on the DNS link on “mydomain.com.”
  4. Read warning message. Resolve to act with care and not to delete anything frivolously.
  5. In the blank space at “Name,” enter the name of the blog: “blog” if you want the final address to be “blog.mydomain.com.” (You must enter something here so that your blog will have a different name than just “mydomain.com.” If you actually want it to be right there under the base domain name you can do that too, but it’s slightly more complicated.)
  6. Fill in the fields. As explained in 5, for the name field, enter the name of the blog. Under type, choose “CNAME,” and under value, enter “ghs.google.com.”

On the Blogger end

  1. Go to Settings->Publishing. You should see “You’re publishing on blogspot.com.” Click on “Switch to custom domain.”
  2. Choose “Switch to advanced settings.”
  3. Enter the domain you just created in the Dreamhost configuration and save your settings.

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